Product Description

Membrane Chromatography
Sartobind Membrane Adsorbers for sample purification can be used for any ion exchange or affinity chromatography that requires high speed and simple operation. Four sizes of laboratory units can be chosen. Sartobind MA 5 (1 membrane layer) are for principle tests and should be disposed of after use. If you have to work with larger mg quantities, please choose Sartobind MA 15 (3 layers), MA 75 (15 layers) or MA 100 (5 layers). These may be used hundreds of times.

The typical applications of Sartobind include purification and concentration of proteins, viruses, viral particles, monoclonal antibodies, oligonucleotides, and contaminant removal of DNA, endotoxins, virus, host cell, and proteins.
Sartobind MAs may be used by hand or with a chromatographic system via luer lock adapters.
Scaleable to process dimension with Sartobind SingleSep disposable capsules and Sartobind MultiSep reusable modules.
Chemistries: strong and weak ion exchange, coupling, affinity and metal chelate ligands.