Quantitive and Technical Papers

Generally filter papers are used for separating substances of different physical states. They are absorbent, porous fibre materials. The fibrous structure of filter papers forms a capillary system, whose intercapillary spaces depend, as to their size and number, on the raw materials used and which may be influenced by the beating in the hollander and the way the paper machine works.

We use natural and synthetic, organic and non-organic fibres. In order to obtain special properties they are partly treated chemically and are impregnated with synthetic resins.

Sartorius filter papers are made to a great extent from pulps of pine or spruce wood, but also of birch-, beech- and eucalyptus wood, cotton linters and viscose pulp.

These raw materials are refined to different filter papers with graded properties by wet beating in hollanders and sheet formation on specially modified paper machines.

Ashless Filter Papers for Quantitative Analysis
Qualitative & Technical Filter Papers
Absorptive Filter Papers & Boards
Range also includes Extraction Thimbles, Glass & Quartz Microfiber Filters, Blotting & Chromatography Papers and Indicator Papers

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Membrane MidiCaps

Sartobran® P 
Cellulose Acetate (C/A)
Sterilizing grade, Low protein adsorption
Ideally suited to applications that require the highest recovery rates:

· Coagulation factors · MAB’s · Diagnostics · Biological Fluids

Polypropylene outer layer, Heterogeneous reinforced C/A membrane, PP drainage layer, PP Inner & Outer cage, Silicone O-rings standard


Polyethersulfone (PESU)

Sterilizing grade with broad chemical compatibility


Polyamide (Nylon 6)

Sterilizing grade reinforced membrane with broad solvent compatibility

  • Solvents.  ·  LVP ·  Antibiotics

Polypropylene outer layer, Reinforced Nylon membrane, PP drainage layer, PP Inner & Outer cage, Silicone O-rings standard


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE)

Hydrophobic sterilising grade PTFE membrane filter.

  • Sterile venting of tanks ·  Air & gas filtration ·  Sterile filtration of aggressive media & solvents (LG)

Polypropylene outer layer, PTFE membrane, PP drainage layer, PP Inner & Outer cage, Silicone O-rings standard

Midisart 2000

Sterile Venting Units Sartorius sterile venting units with naturally hydrophobic PTFE 0.2痠 membrane ensures reliable sterile venting of small fermenters and cell culture containers.

The Midisart 2000 tapered hose nipple ensures a simple, secure hold for tubing with an inner diameter of 6-12mm. Due to the low weight of only 20g, the connected tubing is not snapped off. The membrane is reinforced with polypropylene gauze for stability to pressures of up to 3 bar. The 20 cm2 large filter area allows high flow rates at low differential pressures. Each unit is printed with lot numbers and individual piece number on the housing for total security and traceability.

Lightweight design reduces the chance of the tube collapsing whilst sterile venting.

Validation documentation available.

Order Numbers (0.2 um PTFE membrane, hose barb inlet/outlet)

17805-UPN Non-sterile bulk packs of 100

17805-E Sterile packs of 12

17805-G Sterile packs of 25 Order Numbers (0.2 um PTFE membrane, 1/8″ NPT threaded inlet/outlet)

17804-NPE Sterile packs of 12

17804-NPG Sterile packs of 25 for smaller volume venting (e.g. ampoules)

16596 HYK 26 mm 5.3 cm2 Minisart HY, sterile pack of 50, 0.2um PTFE membrane, MBS housing

Minisart Syringe Filters

Minisart syringe filters are ready-to-use filter units, offering high flow rates at low inlet pressures, to make rapid filtration of possible. Fitted onto a syringe, they enable a less hand-tiring sterilization of up to 100 ml of liquid. A Minisart fitted on a standard dosing syringe makes up a very convenient system for simultaneous dosing and sterilization. For larger volumes either Sartolab P or MidiCap membarnes may better suit your needs.

Particle removal Minisarts are available with pore sizes 0.45µm, 0.8µm, 1.2µm, 5µm and one with a glass fibre depth filter. They can also be used as a prefilter in combination with a 0.2µm Minisart, increasing the total filterable volume. Minisart+ units have a built in glass fibre prefilter which can often double the filterable volume.

Addition info available here.

Minisart syringe units are colour coded to avoid confusion; yellow (0.45µm), green (0.8µm), red (1.2µm), brown (5µm), opaque (Minisart GF)

Luer lock and luer slip connections available for syringe connection.

Supplied as sterile individually packed in boxes of 50 (exception being GF type)

Supplied as non-sterile bulk packed in boxes of 500

Pore Size





Area cm2

Membrane Material



Product Number
Sterile Luer Lock boxes of 50
0.1 Blue 6.2 PESU MBS 16553-K
0.2 Blue 6.2 C/A MBS 16534-K
0.2 Blue 6.2 PESU MBS 16532-K
0.2 Blue 6.2 C/A + GF MBS 17823-K
0.45 Yellow 6.2 C/A MBS 16555-K
0.45 Yellow 6.2 C/A + GF MBS 17829-K
0.8 Green 6.2 C/A MBS 16592-K
1.2 Red 6.2 C/A MBS 17593-K
5.0 Brown 6.2 C/A MBS 17594-K
Non Sterile Luer Lock boxes of 50
– – Opaque 6.2 GF MBS 17824-K
Non Sterile Luer Lock boxes of 500
0.2 Blue 6.2 C/A MBS 16534-Q
0.2 Blue 6.2 C/A + GF MBS 17823-Q
0.45 Yellow 6.2 C/A MBS 16555-Q
0.45 Yellow 6.2 C/A + GF MBS 17829-Q
0.8 Green 6.2 C/A MBS 16592-Q
1.2 Red 6.2 C/A MBS 17593-Q
5.0 Brown 6.2 C/A MBS 17594-Q
– – Opaque 6.2 GF MBS 17824-Q
Sartolab 150V Membrane Filter Capsule

Vacuum filtration units are designed for the convenient sterile filtration of tissue culture media and components, biological fluids, and other aqueous solutions. Sartolab® RF|BT Bottle-Top Filters are available as ready-to-use disposable 150 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml systems including receiver bottles, or as Bottle-Top-only system in 150 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml.

Sartolab® 150V is a capsule filter with pleated 0.2 µm polyethersulfone (PES) membrane for vacuum filtration and can be used for filtration of up to 15 L.

Additional info here.

Sartolab P20 Pressure Filter Units

The Sartolab® P20 is a pressure filtration unit for sterile filtration or clarification of media, aqueous solutions and solvent mixtures in batches ranging from 100 ml to 5 L. For media that contain sera and difficult-to-filter solutions, a Sartolab® P20 Plus unit with an incorporated glass fibre (GF) prefilter is available.

Sartolab® RF with 0.45um cellulose acetate (CA) info here.

Sartolab® RF with 0.22um polyethersulfone (PES) info here.

Sartolab® BT with 0.22um polyethersulfone (PES) info here.

Sartolab® BT with 0.22um polyethersulfone (PES) (500ml) info here.

Solvent Resistant Syringe Filters

Sample cleaning and protein removal using Sartorius membrane filter devices are simple to use, rapid, reliable and can be used for a wide range of applications.

The main uses of these products include particle removing and analytical sample preparation of solutions used in HPLC, cleaning water samples, colloid and protein removal and also cleaning samples for LAL tests. Ready-to-use syringe filters are available for small samples up to 100ml and chemically compatible filter discs can be used in our all-glass vacuum holder for particle removal from solvents samples of 250ml.

Pore Size





Area cm2

Membrane Material



Product Number
Non Sterile boxes of 50 Solvent Resistant



0.2 Clear 0.07 R/C PP 17821-K
0.2 Clear 1.7 R/C PP 17761-K
0.2 Clear 4.8 R/C PP 17764-K
0.45 Clear 0.07 R/C PP 17822-K
0.45 Clear 1.7 R/C PP 17762-K
0.45 Clear 4.8 R/C PP 17765-K
Non Sterile boxes of 50 Solvent Resistant



0.2 Clear 1.7 PTFE PP 17573-K
0.2 Clear 4.8 PTFE PP 17575-K
0.45 Clear 0.07 PTFE PP 17820-K
0.45 Clear 1.7 PTFE PP 17574-K
0.45 Clear 4.8 PTFE PP 17576-K
Non Sterile boxes of 50 Solvent Resistant



0.2 Clear 1.7 Nylon PP 1776B-K
0.2 Clear 4.8 Nylon PP 17845-K
0.45 Clear 1.7 Nylon PP 1776C-K
0.45 Clear 4.8 Nylon PP 17846-K

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