Stainless Steel Filter Housings

Sartorius Stedim Biotech F&B filter housings were developed for sanitary beverage filtration applications, including:
– Beer
– Wine & spirits
– Mineral | Bottled water
– Carbonated Soft drinks
– Non-carbonated Soft drinks

Thanks to their optimized design, our F&B housings are exceptionally easy to clean for thorough results and can be in-line steam sterilized as a complete unit, incl. gaskets.

Formats: Cartridge, Lenticular, Jumbo Star and Gas.

Water Filter Housings

From very simple single cartridge installation to manifolded systems enabling in-line treatment of larger volumes of process water.

Low profile Slim Line single bowl housing. Manufactured of durable polypropylene and has excellent chemical resistance. System includes water pressure gauge. Equipped with a pressure relief button to relieve water pressure during cartridge changes. Includes wall mounting bracket and hardware for fast and easy installation. System is shipped fully assembled. Available in 10″ (EV9100-10) or 20″ (EV9100-20)

Cartridges sold separately

Inlet connection: 3/8 Outlet connection: 3/8. Service Flow Rate: Maximum 2.0 gpm (7.6 Lpm).Pressure Requirements: 30 – 125 psi (2.1 8.6 bar), non-shock. Temperature: 40 – 100°F (4.4-38°C)

Sediment Bag Filter

Pentek’s standard bag vessel assemblies keep your system on stream longer by reducing bag filter change time. The single large Acme thread closure ensures quick opening and positive sealing. All PBH Series vessels come complete with gauge, wrench and 3/8″ drain valve. PBH Series bag vessel assemblies are made of lightweight corrosion resistant polypropylene to give you all the strength you need without the weight.

10″ Housing – PBH-410
20″ Housing – PBH-420

Can be wall mounted or fitted with stand. Please specify when ordering

Bag filters sold separately