Gridded Discs

Product Description

C/N micro filter discs
Sartorius Biotechnology cellulose nitrate 47mm gridded membranes are used for the quantitative determination of microorganisms present in a liquid sample. The quantity can represent either the total bioburden, e.g., all bacteria, yeast and moulds, or the detection and quantification of a particular species of product-specific microorganisms. With a pore size of 0.45ľm, these microbiology QA/QC gridded membranes come in a variety of colours to make counting quick and easy.

Pre-sterililized and ready-to-use, these gridded membranes save preparatory time

Identification and lot number printed on each individual envelope

Conform to GLP and market regulatory standards for laboratory filtration

For busy micro-labs with high daily through-puts we recommend the new ‘e.motion’ dispensor with membrane tapes.