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Sartoflow Smart

Smart and Easy – Small Scale Benchtop System

The SARTOFLOW® Smart is a modular and flexible small scale benchtop crossflow system optimized for ultrafiltration and diafiltration applications used in many downstream processes, such as purification of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. The system is suitable for use in laboratory environments for process development and clinical trials as well as for cGMP environments.

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Sartoflow Advanced

Full flexibility and outstanding crossflow filtration performance combined

SARTOFLOW® Advanced is a modular benchtop crossflow system that can be configured to accept either Sartocon® Slice or full-sized Sartocon® cassettes. The system is optimized for ultrafiltration, microfiltration and diafiltration applications used in many downstream processes, such as purification of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins or vaccines.

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Crossflow Filter Holders and Cassettes

The family of Sartorius crossflow filter holders features the latest advances in crossflow design for full flexibility. This unique design within the Sartocon® family provides you with predictable performance from process volumes down to scaling studies or in daily lab work.

Cassette Holders

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Hydrosart® Microfilter Cassettes
Hydrosart® Ultrafilter Cassettes
Polyethersulfone (PES) Microfilter Cassettes
Polyethersulfone (PES) Ultrafilter Cassettes
Sartocon® Single-Use Assemblies


Microsart E.Motion Dispensers

Efficient and ergonomic workflows for reliable and fast membrane filter dispensing. Thanks to the small footprint the Microsart e.motion dispenser saves precious space under the laminar air flow which can be used for samples, media and funnels instead. The Microsart e.motion dispenser offers the easiest and most flexible way of membrane filter dispensing.

You have the freedom of choice between 3 different operation modes.

Choose what is most convenient for you:

  • push-button
  • foot-switch or
  • sensor mode

Efficient Workflow

The new Big Packs containing 250 membrane filters enable you to work a complete shift without the need to stop and reload the Microsart® e.motion dispenser.

The dispenser’s low weight and convenient handle makes it easy to remove or transport.

The membrane filter band specially designed for the Microsart® e.motion dispenser can be conveniently inserted, and changed quickly as needed.

A window in the field of dispensing makes the information on the membrane filter band such as lot number, membrane filter type and the quantity of filters left visible! For better scheduling of tests and easy traceability.


Microbiological Quality Control of liquid samples:

  • Beverages (beer, wine, softdrinks, bottled water)
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • (WFI, purified water, microbial limits testing of non-sterile products, bioburden testing)
  • Environmental Analysis (Water monitoring)

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Bottle Top Dispensers

Prospenser and Prospenser Plus are high quality bottle-top dispensers with excellent chemical resistance. They are safe, convenient, and customizable, making them perfect for a wide range of dispensing needs.

Superior Chemical Resistance
-Both the ceramic piston and all parts in the liquid pathway are highly chemical resistant, guaranteeing versatility for a wide range of applications.
-High quality materials guarantee a long lifetime.

High Accuracy & Precision
-The incremental volume setup ensures accurate and repeatable results.
-High quality parts and assembly ensure smooth piston movement.

Easy to Use
-Easy and comfortable dispensing for various applications.
-Smooth and light to operate.

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Combisart Manifold


Tacta - Single and Multi Channel Pipettes

Proudly presenting the Tacta, the new premium mechanical pipette with superb comfort and reliability.

Tacta makes pipetting effortless and safe, while producing accurate and reliable results time after time.

Tacta is designed to feel great in your hand, and it is easy and comfortable to use. All materials used for Tacta have been carefully selected, and each component is designed to meet the highest standards.

-Comfortable to hold due to the ergonomically designed handle
-Low pipetting and tip ejection forces that reduce the risk of Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD)
-The unique Sartorius Optilock system provides flexibility for volume adjustment and locking
-Controlled and smooth tip ejection with the new Sartorius Optiject technology
-Calibration adjustment to provide accurate results for various liquid types
-Easy to clean, with only three parts to disassemble
-Reliable results, even over lengthy pipetting periods

Available in Single, 8-Channel and 12-Channel variants

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Proline + Single and Multi-Channel

Sartorius’ mechanical pipette Proline®cPlus is designed to offer comfort and quality to manual pipetting.

While it shares many of the excellent features of mLINE®, it has a personal design and a robust feel for heavier use. In addition, it has the widest pipette range, including fixed volume pipettes, for when volumes need to be ready-set to avoid errors. Proline® Plus pipettes are an excellent choice for both experienced laboratory professionals and students.

Proline® Plus has low pipetting forces, a comfortable handle and an ergonomic finger support for effortless pipetting. Good fit in hand minimizes the grip force needed to
hold the pipette, thereby reducing the risk of strain injury.

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Pipette Tips

To avoid contamination through human contact, we have automated the entire tip manufacturing process. Pure virgin polypropylene (PP) plastic is automatically fed from silos into moulding machines.

Moulding machines and robots located in isolated clean cells, load the tips automatically into tip trays and packaging. HEPA filters and higher air pressure are applied for purity within the cell.

All Sartorius Single Tray tip racks, Single Refill Packs and FlexiBulk® packs are individually and automatically packed in air-tight plastic, in order to rule out any danger of contamination.

Please note, some types of tips may not be available or have extended lead times. Please check with your Technical Representative for stock availability.


Safe Cone Filters

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