Solvent Resistant Syringe Filters for Solvent Filtration

Product Description

Syringe Filters for solvent filtration

Sample cleaning and protein removal using Sartorius membrane filter devices are simple to use, rapid, reliable and can be used for a wide range of applications.

The main uses of these products include particle removing and analytical sample preparation of solutions used in HPLC, cleaning water samples, colloid and protein removal and also cleaning samples for LAL tests. Ready-to-use syringe filters are available for small samples up to 100ml and chemically compatible filter discs can be used in our all-glass vacuum holder for particle removal from solvents samples of 250ml.

Pore Size





Area cm2

Membrane Material Casing


Product Number
Non Sterile boxes of 50 Solvent Resistant Hydrophilic


0.2 Clear 0.07 R/C PP 17821-K
0.2 Clear 1.7 R/C PP 17761-K
0.2 Clear 4.8 R/C PP 17764-K
0.45 Clear 0.07 R/C PP 17822-K
0.45 Clear 1.7 R/C PP 17762-K
0.45 Clear 4.8 R/C PP 17765-K
Non Sterile boxes of 50 Solvent Resistant Hydrophobic


0.2 Clear 1.7 PTFE PP 17573-K
0.2 Clear 4.8 PTFE PP 17575-K
0.45 Clear 0.07 PTFE PP 17820-K
0.45 Clear 1.7 PTFE PP 17574-K
0.45 Clear 4.8 PTFE PP 17576-K
Non Sterile boxes of 50 Solvent Resistant Hydrophilic


0.2 Clear 1.7 Nylon PP 1776B-K
0.2 Clear 4.8 Nylon PP 17845-K
0.45 Clear 1.7 Nylon PP 1776C-K
0.45 Clear 4.8 Nylon PP 17846-K