Lab water Arium® 611

Product Description

Arium® is the next generation in laboratory water systems. With increasingly sensitive levels of detection, the demand for even higher purity reagents in routine research and diagnostics are the norm rather than the exception.

Three distinct purification technologies are available in arium® laboratory water systems (LWS):

Reverse Osmosis (RO) | Electro-dialysis (EDI) | Deionization (DI)

Depending on your application needs, systems can be supplied to produce Type 1, 2 & 3 ASTM grade water.

arium® 611

The arium® 611 laboratory water purification system meets the highest requirements of reagent grade water for critical and routine analysis, with product water exceeding ASTM, NCCLS, ISO and USP reagent water standards. Four models ensure all current ultrapure water needs can be met.
Advanced Design Features Include:

Carbon-resin Technology A unique carbon-resin combination enables the 611 system to produce ultrapure water with a resistivity up to 18.2 with Total Organic Carbon (TOC) levels as low as < 1 ppb. Four-line Alphanumeric VDU Continuously indicates water quality in or µS/cm with compensated or non-compensated temperature.Removable Display & Dispense Unit Enables high quality water to be provided at point of use up to two meters from the system’s installation point. Standby Mode Water recirculates 15 minutes every hour of inactivity to maintain purity. Timed (Volume) Dispenser Automated dispensing included. Quality Inert materials used for all wetted parts guarantee the highest water purity. SecurityThe 0.2 µm PESU membrane filter capsule ensures a bacteria-free filtrate.