Product Description

Sterile Venting Units
Sartorius sterile venting units with naturally hydrophobic PTFE 0.2痠 membrane ensures reliable sterile venting of small fermenters and cell culture containers. The Midisart 2000 tapered hose nipple ensures a simple, secure hold for tubing with an inner diameter of 6-12mm. Due to the low weight of only 20g, the connected tubing is not snapped off. The membrane is reinforced with polypropylene gauze for stability to pressures of up to 3 bar. The 20 cm2 large filter area allows high flow rates at low differential pressures.
Each unit is printed with lot numbers and individual piece number on the housing for total security and traceability.

Lightweight design reduces the chance of the tube collapsing whilst sterile venting.
Validation documentation available.

Order Numbers (0.2 um PTFE membrane, hose barb inlet/outlet)

17805-UPN Non-sterile bulk packs of 100

17805-E Sterile packs of 12

17805-G Sterile packs of 25

Order Numbers (0.2 um PTFE membrane, 1/8″ NPT threaded inlet/outlet)

17804-NPE Sterile packs of 12

17804-NPG Sterile packs of 25
For smaller volume venting (e.g. ampoules)

16596 HYK 26 mm 5.3 cm2 Minisart HY, sterile pack of 50, 0.2um PTFE membrane, MBS housing