Product Description

Quantitative and Technical papers
Generally filter papers are used for separating substances of different physical states. They are absorbent, porous fibre materials. The fibrous structure of filter papers forms a capillary system, whose intercapillary spaces depend, as to their size and number, on the raw materials used and which may be influenced by the beating in the hollander and the way the paper machine works.

We use natural and synthetic, organic and non-organic fibres. In order to obtain special properties they are partly treated chemically and are impregnated with synthetic resins.

Sartorius filter papers are made to a great extent from pulps of pine or spruce wood, but also of birch-, beech- and eucalyptus wood, cotton linters and viscose pulp.

These raw materials are refined to different filter papers with graded properties by wet beating in hollanders and sheet formation on specially modified paper machines.

Ashless Filter Papers for Quantitative Analysis
Qualitative & Technical Filter Papers
Absorptive Filter Papers & Boards
Range also includes Extraction Thimbles, Glass & Quartz Microfiber Filters, Blotting & Chromatography Papers and Indicator Papers