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Vivaspin Centrifugal Concentrators

Product Description

Vivaspin Centrifugal Concentrators
The patented design of the Vivaspin protein concentrators from Vivascience consists of a vertical membrane design and a thin channel filtration chamber that minimises membrane fouling and provides high-speed concentrations, even with particle-laden solutions. There is a wide range of sizes available; Vivaspin 500 for samples up to 500µl, Vivaspin 2 for sample up to 2ml, Vivaspin 4 for sample up to 4ml, Vivaspin 6 for samples up to 6ml, Vivaspin 15 for 15ml samples and 20ml samples can be concentrated with Vivaspin 20. The spin columns are critical for protein work within the life science laboratory.

The innovative design of the Vivaspin range and its simplicity, speed and exceptional concentrate recoveries are the main features of these concentrators.
They can effectively be used in either swing out or fixed angle rotors.
There is a selection of membranes available in some of the Vivaspin sizes; Polyethersulfone, Hydrosart, Cellulose Triacetate, Regenerated Cellulose.