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Vivaflow Tangential Flow Filtration

Product Description

Vivaflow Tangential Flow Filtration
The Vivaflow 50 is a tangential flow filtration system for the concentration and purification of protein samples less than 5 liters. The thin channel flip-flow recirculation path provides high cross flow velocities with minimum pump requirements. Near total recoveries achievable with a single 10ml rinse. The unique interlocking modules with series connectors for easy scale-up.

For more than 5 liters, the Vivaflow 200 is ideal. Two Vivaflows 200�s in parallel can concentrate 5 liters in 75 minutes. The economical standard package comes complete with tubing, pressure indicator, flow restrictor and high pressure pump tubing.

A selection of membrane types are available; polyethersulfone, regenerated cellulose and hydrosart.
The following mwco�s are available � 5K, 10K, 30K, 50K, 100K and 0.2�m
Clear polycarbonate housing for simple control of remaining hold up and membrane status.