Stainless Steel Vacuum filter manifold system for QA

Product Description

Vacuum filter manifold system for QA

Stainless Steel Vacuum Systems & Accessories
Traditional Multi-Branch Manifolds and Filter Holders, made of Stainless Steel.

The three stainless steel holder types differ only in the funnel capacity (either 40 ml, 100 ml or 500 ml). They have been designed specifically for applications in which the particles or microorganisms retained on the membrane filter surface are of interest. The stainless steel frit filter support ensures a uniform distribution of the residues.

Simple handling is very important regarding routine examinations. Stainless steel taps in the base allow the vacuum to be turned on and off. The special closure clamps simplify the addition or removal of the funnels adding to the ease of use.

Multi-Branch Manifolds

The manifold systems are available with 100 ml or 500 ml capacity funnels. The three or six separate filter holders save time when mass examinations of 100 ml volume samples have to be carried out. Due to the stainless steel taps on the manifold ports the vacuum for each holder can be turned on and off individually.

The stainless steel frit ensures a homogenous distribution of the residues on the membrane filter surface. Funnel and filter support can be disinfected by flaming.

Safe & reliable:
Special polished stainless steel surfaces allow easy cleaning & rinsing
Saves time:
Filtration of 3 or 6 samples in parallel
Stainless steel 304 – long lifecycle

Stainless steel quality
High-grade stainless steel: B.S. 304S31|AISI 304
Dimensions in mm (W|H|D)
3-branch manifold:
3x100ml: 432|184|120
3x500ml: 442|262|132
6-branch manifold:
6x100ml: 906|268|120
6x500ml: 916|329|132
Max. operating pressure
Vacuum or max. 2 bar (29 psi) pressure
by autoclaving (max. 134°C),
by dry heat (max. 180°C),
by flaming,
by other methods acc. to ISO 8199
Parts and materials
Lid, funnel, base part, ­ filter support, clamp and tap made of stainless steel. Silicone flat gasket. Silicone lid seal
Flow rate per filter station for water at 90% vacuum
200 ml/min with 0.2 µm membrane filter
600 ml/min with 0.45 µm membrane filter
Filtration area
12.5 cm²
Suitable membrane filter diameter
50 mm (47 mm, if using a 47 mm frit filter support 6980103)
Outlet spouts (individual system)
10 mm outside diameter
Outlet (branches only)
Hose nipple, DN 10