Sartolab 150v Membrane Filter Capsule

Product Description

Sartolab 150v is a disposable, sterile, ready-to-use membrane filter capsule for highest convenience. Utilizing a unique hydrophilic Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane, provides outstanding total throughput, flow rate performance,low extractables and broadest chemical compatibility.

The unique pleated filter construction combined with the highly asymmetric pore structure of the PES membrane, offers excellent flow rates and superior total throughput performance, especially in comparison to conventional disc filter systems.

Microbiological Retention

Sartolab 150v capsules 0.2 µm rated are fully validated as sterilizing grade filters according to HIMA and ATM F-838-83 guidelines.

Order Numbers (0.2 um PESU membrane)

18080-M Sterile packs of 3