Nutrient Pad Set

Product Description

Microbiological Nutrient Pad Sets
Sartorius Nutrient Pad Sets have been used successfully in combination with the membrane filter method for more than 20 years now. Microbiological testing using the validated Nutrient Pad Set consists of a 50mm pad, evenly impregnated with nutrient media, packed dry and sterile in a petri dish with a cellulose nitrate membrane.

Directly after wetting with sterile, demineralised water, the nutrient pad set is ready to use. A sample is drawn through the gridded membrane capturing microorganisms, the membrane is then placed on the nutrient pad to be incubated.

No time-consuming and labour-intensive preparation of the nutrient media.
Nutrient pad sets can be used in laboratories without comprehensive microbiological equipment.
During the production, each nutrient pad set batch is compared with the corresponding agar medium, in order to guarantee consistent quality and reproducible results.
Nutrient pad sets can be stored at room temperature in a warehouse, between 18 and 24 months depending on the type.