MD8 Airscan Air Sampling

Product Description

MD8 airscan® – Air Sampler for Critical Applications

The system consists of the MD8 airscan® air sampler and disposable gelatine filter units. The system is routinely used for the quantitative detection of airborne organisms, mainly in sterile areas of class A and B (classification according to “EU-Guide for GMP“), isolators, or blow-fill-seal machines.

The very high air flow rate of 8 m³/h enables isokinetic sample removal at flow speed usual in laminar flow as well as for the filtration of 1 m³ air very quickly (less than 8 minutes). The filter unit can be placed remote from the air sampler.

The MD8 airscan® air sampler allows to adjust selectively and easily air flow rate and sample removal speed. By means of a specially developed calibration unit (see accessories) the user can calibrate the MD8 airscan® locally, e.g. within the scope of validation steps.

After removing the sample, the gelatine filter can be placed directly on the agar culture medium for incubation and colony growth.

Accurate results/validatable retention
Lowest bacteria counts can be measured, due to the short sampling time of 1 m³ of air
Compliant with regulations such as EU-GMP
Isokinetic sampling in laminar-flow areas (no generation of turbulence)
Can be calibrated on-site
Suitable for use in class A/B clean rooms, BFS machines and isolators, because the pump can be positioned outside the critical work area