Lab water Arium® EDI 61215

Product Description

arium® is the next generation in laboratory water systems. With increasingly sensitive levels of detection, the demand for even higher purity reagents in routine research and diagnostics are the norm rather than the exception.

Three distinct purification technologies are available in arium® laboratory water systems (LWS):

Reverse Osmosis (RO) | Electro-dialysis (EDI) | Deionization (DI)

Depending on your application needs, systems can be supplied to produce Type 1, 2 & 3 ASTM grade water.

arium® EDI 61215
The arium® EDI 61215 laboratory water purification system is designed to produce ASTM type 2 water for general laboratory applications. The arium® EDI 61215 guarantees constant water quality and high economy for daily lab use, delivering purified water at a rate of at least 15 l/hr while rejecting 99% of single- and multiple-charged ions as well as bacteria and viruses.The arium® EDI 61215 combines reverse osmosis, softening and electronic | chemical desalting. Being nearly maintenance-free the 61215 supplies an inexpensive supply of pure water. Continuous, automatic regeneration of the system eliminates the need to change used ion exchange resin.