Combisart Vacuum filter manifold system for QA

Product Description

Vacuum filter manifold system for QA

We offer a wide range of single-place filter membrane holders and multiple place manifold laboratory filtration units for microbiological testing in QC and QA departments. Our stainless steel funnels are designed with a special locking system to simplify positioning and ensure a secure, robust, lock down.

The 250ml Polycarbonate filter holders are ideal for microbiological and analytical testing outside the laboratory as they are made of plastic, but are reusable. Glass filter holders can be used for colony counting but also for particulate analysis and hybridisation tests. Our CombiSart microbiological detection filtration manifold for maximum safety, ease of use and performance can be fitted with either stainless steel, glass, polycarbonate or disposable filter funnels.

All filter units can be sterile vented, eliminating risk to secondary contamination.
Units can be autoclaved separately.
Disposable filter funnel units are optimised for high flow and throughput.
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